The Prodigal Son

The Prodigal Son

Parables are ordinary stories that use what we can see, to show us something we don't see about God, ourselves and others. These are stories that are unremarkable by themselves. Some of them are even kind of simple but they are bringing to light truths about the spiritual life. Jesus told these stories in order to show people great truths about God in small packages. Our hope is that as we consider these stories, that you will find your place in God’s story.

The Parables of Jesus - From the Gospel of Luke

Sermon series splash for the parables of Jesus in the gospel of Luke.

Dates & Topics

10/13 - Parable of the Prodigal Son | Luke 15:11–32

10/20 - The Two Debtors | Luke 7:41–43

10/27 - The Rich Fool | Luke 12:16–21

11/3 - Parable of the Wedding Feast | Luke 14:7–14

11/10 - The Unjust Judge | Luke 18:1–8

11/17 - Pharisees and the Publican | Luke 18:9–14

11/24 - The Great Banquet | Luke 14:15–24

Jesus & Stories

Jesus often taught using short stories called parables. Stories have the ability to capture our imagination and bring deeper understanding to our lives. Join us as we look at a selection of parables from the book of Luke.